SuperStar-SoftwareBox-RevBGetting into pixels?  Think any light, any color at anytime.  You can certainly program each color of each pixel using our Sequence Editor but it can be a real challenge when there are a lot of smart pixels.  A typical pixel tree using 12 Cosmic Color Ribbons means 1800 channels of RGB smart pixel control.  Chances are you’ll hear some people talk about channel explosion.

If you want total control of your smart pixels we have a solution and it’s called SuperStar.

SuperStar is an add-on to our ShowTime Sequencing Suite.  Create sophisticated patterns on a timeline and the computer figures out the details for each pixel.  Import your SuperStar results into the Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor, package your show and watch the magic.

Do you need the SuperStar add-on?

If you have a lot of smart pixels and want to create your own complex patterns choreographed to music or video, SuperStar is definitely for you. SuperStar uses the power of the computer to transform your basic patterns into moving patterns on smart pixels. You are in total control of exactly what each smart pixel does.


The best way to describe what SuperStar can do is to watch it in action controlling some of our Cosmic Color Ribbons in what is called a pixel tree.

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Don’t limit yourself to straight lines.  Think outside the box and make leaping arches really dance to the music.

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What is a SuperStar Add-On?

What exactly is the SuperStar add-on?  Think of SuperStar as a pixel-centric “front end” to the Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor. Within SuperStar a series of lighting effects are created and played on your computer screen until you get everything just right.  Export the SuperStar sequence to our Sequence Editor, connect your Cosmic Color Ribbons, Cosmic Color Bulbs, Cosmic Color Pixels and/or other smart pixel controllers and get ready to dazzle the world.

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How can SuperStar save time when sequencing?

Think of a show much like the way cartoons were made in the good old days.   Each second of motion on the screen was really many individual drawings, each shown only a fraction of a second but fast enough so your eye didn’t realize they were a series of still pictures.  Each picture (or cell) was slightly different than the one before.  Now the truth is out.  Animated cartoons are nothing more than thousands of individual cells.  The same can be said about patterns you see on smart pixel props.

SuperStar Screen Capture

SuperStar in action.  Click to see more.

Creating scrolling text with lights is very similar to making a cartoon.  Each cell is the text in a slightly different position.  You can certainly do this manually but SuperStar makes it easy.  Type in your text.  Tell SuperStar where to begin scrolling, where to end and how fast.  SuperStar uses the power of the computer to create all the individual cells while you twiddle your thumbs.

SuperStar can do so much more than simply scroll text.  Images can move while at the same time special effects are added.  Watch the videos above closely to see all the nuances keeping you engaged.  SuperStar does all the work while you take the credit for an incredible show.

Our demonstration videos show the magic done with Cosmic Color Ribbons but you’re not limited to that one type of smart pixel.  SuperStar doesn’t care if it’s talking to a Cosmic Color Ribbons, 16 channel light controllers or DMX-512 channels.  Just map the channels and let SuperStar do the rest.

Instant sequencing.  Let the computer do it all.

Don’t have a creative bone in your body?  Use SuperStar to build Instant Sequences.  Click the “Roll Dice” button to get a random set of theme, color, and movement variations. How long does it take to sequence your favorite tune?  Think seconds instead of hours.  Instant Sequencing will never replace what a human can do but if you’re in a hurry, nothing can beat it.

Instant sequencing tool

SuperStar has an 'Instant Sequence' tool that analyzes the music and will automagically create the patterns for your smart pixels. If you're in a hurry or your foot can't tap with the beat of the music, Instant Sequence could be just the tool for you.


Videos to help you learn sequencing and SuperStar

We want to make learning our software as easy as possible so we’ve prepared video tutorials.  Should you get stuck, watch a video describing a certain feature.  Our videos might not be seen on the marquee of your local movie theater, so we keep them on this website where you can access them anytime over the Internet.

Here’s a SuperStar video tutorial example:

See more SuperStar video tutorials and get ready to be great!

Video Tutorials


Ready to try SuperStar?

A demonstration version of SuperStar is baked into our ShowTime Sequencing Suite.  Everything works right up until when it’s time to control real pixels.  If you already have our ShowTime Sequencing Suite software, version 3.x or higher (S3, S4, etc.), then you have the demonstration version of SuperStar.  If not, download the full ShowTime Sequencing Suite for free and try it out.

Download Demo


Ready to buy SuperStar?

What version of SuperStar do you need?  It’s based on the number of 50 pixel strings or smart pixels you want to control so we call them CCR units.  Have 20 of the 50 pixel strings/ribbons?  You’ll need the version of SuperStar that can handle up to 24 CCRs.  Word to the wise: get more than you need to leave room for future growth.

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